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How to modify the Invictus|Photography box?


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    Jay Rosenberg started the conversation

    On the home page there is a box on the left hand side which says,


    I want to modify this box so that it shows my studio name and descriptive information.  I also want to know if there is a way to have a gallery which scrolls vertically so clients can view sample photos easily.

    I think this template will work out well for me but I'm fairly new to this and need some help!!!

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    fredgilb replied

    Ok, since Doitmax does not seem to support this anymore I'll volunteer. 

    Logo; what I did was to open the PSD file that comes with the theme.

    There you can drill down the layers to find the original logo. You can modify however you want then do a "save for the web"

    Next goto the theme dashboard and open the "Inviticus" tab. In "General"  you'll see "Custom Logo". Upload the one you saved and you're done.

    As for the vertical scroll, you just need to create a gallery with one column from the list of choices.

    Good luck, it took me a long time to get the hang of it too. Basically nothing is where you would expect it to be! Also take the time to step thru the help document. There's still a bunch of things I haven't figured out yet!

  • Furqan replied

    Hi , 
    Can someone send me the latest version of Theme files? I seem to have the old one. my email Id is furqanriaz@hotmail.com